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Access Control

Installing a comprehensive access control system through Kent Fire and Security, will provide you with exceptional intelligent security. With either our basic pin code entry system, or our distinctive Bio metric systems, especially tailored to you, you’ll be certain of no unauthorized visitors at your residence or at your business premises.

There is a very wide market of professional products to control access and we can always supply you with the latest equipment. Being able to tailor our systems to your every need, down to securing off ‘off-limits areas’ and ‘time limit areas’ but still allowing authorization to certain parts of a building, keeps you in full control. You can even have a ‘recorded entry list’ from your system, showing you who is in and who is out, at what times. From a range of Personal Identification Numbers, to Bio metric scans, Kent Fire and security can thoroughly advise you which is best for your home or commercial buildings and professionally introduce you to your new device.

Access control can be a crucial part of your business. Choose Kent Fire and Security to supply your Audible/Video Intercoms, Swipe Readers, Bio metric Readers and Electric Gates to ensure a discreet professional instalment. Access control can help lower your insurance policies, it is always a great safe gate to make. It is an effectively quicker way to prevent unwanted access.

As well as reducing your threat to crime, this can be a convenient time and money saving option. When a key is lost or not handed back, it is time consuming to have keys made or even locks changed. With our comprehensive systems, lost cards or ex-employees who haven’t handed their entry card in can simply be wiped off the system. Also accessing more cards to be added.

Kent Fire and Security can assure you will receive a professionally fitted, cost effective access control system.

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