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At Kent Fire and Security, we believe only the most optimum of CCTV images will do, assisting in all possible surveillance requirements. CCTV is not only a great way to keep a watchful eye on your premises but also a quality deterrent in security against crime. CCTV cameras are a trustful, evident solution. The vast majority of CCTV images given to police, lead to prosecution. Cameras range from being basic to extremely high tech, at Kent Fire and Security we only use High Definition cameras giving you the best results every time.

CCTV systems are a comprehensive security solution. Once a design has been made and suitable cameras are chosen, your CCTV cameras will run off of your hard drive, which will be kept in your preferred location. This will be used when images are needed, where it can be ‘burned’ onto a disk. With full experience of all the latest CCTV technology you can be sure to receive the most professional service.

Our fully trained engineers will assist you in choosing the most suitable system for you and carry out regular maintenance.

With CCTV being one of our highest demands, providing a CCTV system to your business can make a huge difference in your safety and protection of all personnel and assets. We can provide these systems to all areas of your buildings or even sites. With specially designed exterior cameras, you will review your footage in a clear, effective imagery as with all our internal cameras. Again, you can remotely monitor your CCTV cameras (via a smart phone), always keeping you in control.

Kent Fire and security can fit you a brand new system, remove old systems, update your current systems and even provide a maintenance service. All our CCTV systems come with one year free maintenance, giving you peace of mind you can enjoy your system without any complications.

When required, we can provide our remote monitoring services. This will ensure your CCTV is being kept a watch full eye on and in the event of a break in, the correct emergency services shall be alerted at immediate effect.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, to talk through your options and to get one step further to the Ultimate system you have been looking for.

Coming back from a holiday to have had a break in, can be devastating. By choosing Kent Fire and Security we can offer you a secure solution to deter crime with our CCTV cameras, which give exceptional images. When one of your sensors are set off, they will set off a signal to our remote monitoring station, who will then alert whoever is the assigned key holder. Professionally fitted, you will be able to remotely monitor who is at your home. Giving you full view of who is present, even if you are not.

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