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Fire Alarms

We can offer a vast range of Fire systems, including Fire alarms/Panels, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detector’s, Fire assembly signs, Emergency Lighting and Fire Extinguishers. When equipping for a fire with Kent Fire and Security, you will also have the option of being connected to our Monitoring Station, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We can also offer a special service in false alarm alteration. If you have an alarm which reoccurs in false alarming, don’t hesitate to give us a call as we can assist you through the problem.

Fire alarms and everything to do with protecting you from fire is a crucial part of your safety and others around you, whether it be at your home or at your business space. Fire can very quickly, catastrophically ruin lives and livelihood’s. Being a legal requirement makes this a crucial choice for you to make.
By introducing a simple fire system, you can be assured that if a fire breaks out, the building, the people contained and all other belongings have a very clear warning of what is happening. Your alarms will sound, effectively alarming all who surrounds and is contained in the particular building and/or surrounding areas. Alerting you this way, will prevent further damage being made, fire services will be informed straight away and will assist you soon after the alarm is sound.

It is a legal requirement to have a working fire alarm running from the mains in all commercial buildings no matter the size or location. Insurance companies can penalise you for not having a working successful alarm when needed. It is not only safer but a smart way to reassure yourself of any devastating damage being made. Installed discreetly and professionally by our engineers, its not only a safe way but a smart decision to make, to ensure you are protected from any devastating damage, whether you are present or absent.

It is a legal requirement to have fire safety in place at a work space when being the owner. It’s a smart move to make seeing as most insurance companies will not insure unless such alarms are fitted within the perimeter.

You are expected to carry out a fire risk assessment of the premises and review it regularly, tell staff or their representatives about the risks you’ve identified, acquire appropriate fire safety measures and keep them well maintained, teach your escape route in case of a fire by clearly providing staff all the information needed.

All our alarms will have been professionally tested and certified before being handed over complete.

Please give us a call if any of the information applies to you.

When you compare our bespoke fire alarms, to the basic battery fire alarms, you will discover a great deal of security. With all systems connected to a mains, you will be assured of no flat batteries. Research shows 45% of home owners who use a battery alarm, forget to replace old batteries leaving you extremely vulnerable. Landlords are also advised to use this form of protection, as it brings insurance into greater affect and maximizes tenant’s safety.

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