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Gate Automation

Automation Gates installed by Kent Fire and Security is a fantastic enforcement for security, creating real restriction to where ever they are installed. All our Gates are either installed by means of either ‘Hydraulic Rams’ or ‘concealed in a stile’ as a result of your chosen style of gate and the height of security you are aiming for. Kent Fire and Security can integrate ‘Access Control’, to your Automated Gate system if later required, you will benefit from this because your panels will record who gains entry at what times etc. A crucial factor when you are upping your security. If you currently already have Gates, we can also assist you. By adding our ‘Automation system’, your gates will become efficiently mobile when necessary.
When you are approaching your ‘Automated Gates’, and require them to open all that is required is a simple click of a button from your remote/thob, which can easily be kept on a set of keys and will work from the inside of a car, to activate. Our Panels can also be activated by card or pass codes.
Under the Health & Safety act, it is a legal requirement that when you have ‘Automated Gates’, installed you have them regularly professionally maintained by a fully qualified engineer and a record is kept of the good service, Kent Fire and Security can assist you in all your maintenance needs with your ‘Automated Gates’ and have a 24hour call out service to all gate calls.
Kent Fire and Security can offer you a vast array of bespoke Gates, to suit all preferences. You can even design your own, made of wood or iron, big or small, detailed or not, your imagination is our specification! Our engineers will assist in either a ‘Swing Gate’ or a ‘Slide Gate’ will be best applicable to the surroundings of the Installment taken place.

When drastic security measures are needed at the work place it can be a lengthily, difficult arrangement to be made. Trust Kent Fire and Security to supply your bespoke ‘Automated Gates’, to be skilfully installed by our professional team of engineers and maintained appropriately. With our 24hour call out service, you will be sure if you were to have any problems, they will be resolved that same day.

Kent Fire and Security, can also assist you in any installation or maintenance, concerning Shop Shutters, Garage doors and Automatic doors.

We have a 24hr call out service for all our gates, so you will always be in reach of help if ever, you have any problems. Expertly designed, intelligently built, conveniently installed and professionally maintained, at an unbeatable price, you can rely on us.

Please call us now to discuss your options.

When installing gates at your residential property, you will be comfortably assured you will receive only the best service from our engineers. Given the surroundings and service requirements, you will receive a quality, expertly fitted set of ‘Automated Gates’. This great security solution to deter unwanted visitors well away from your front door, leaving you with full privacy at home once more and giving you a great sense of security at times you are away, confident our ‘Automated Gates’ are keeping unwanted guests out.

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