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Intruder Alarms

Kent Fire and security are excited to be considered for all your intruder alarms, our most popular Installation service in the South East.

Intruder alarms, commonly known as ‘Burglar Alarms’ can be especially rewarding in an event of crime. When a ‘sensor’ is triggered by an intruder, your alarm will flash loudly, sounding its alarm.  The user will immediately be alerted by a ‘transmission message’ sent direct to your smart phone from the alarm panel.

This type of alarm is an extremely effective deterrent to crime, you really should never be without one, at home or at work.  So don’t delay in getting into contact with us, for your FREE Quote.

Planning your routes and evaluating every entrance can be time consuming, trust Kent Fire and Security, our fully trained engineers, to assist you in fully protecting your buildings.

We pride ourselves on the quality of your Intruder alarm system. Being able to fully integrate Intruder Alarms with your CCTV and access control, we can provide you with the most top graded systems on any scale, modified to your particular needs, giving you the maximum level of security.

Being away from home can be a difficult task, when you are well aware of how UN-protected you are –the perfect target for crime. It can easily become a lengthily time frame, leaving you at crucial risk.

The safety of your home is of great importance to us. At your Residence with Kent Fire and Security, our engineers will professionally fully equip you, with a specifically tailored Alarm to you, at a competitive price. Having pets will never be a problem, with our personalised pet sensors and our fully compatible Systems, your pets can continue to free roam your property when the alarm is set. In the event of an intruder, the assigned personnel will be alerted and the required steps can be taken. With so many happy customers, we can promise you the best service whether you choose a wireless system or a remote system. Going away can be a relief once more, knowing your home is well secured with Kent Fire and Security.

You need to take applicable steps to secure your home on a daily basis, with an alarm you can rest assure your leaving your house FULLY secured and deter any potential Intruders.

Your business is always at continuous risk if you haven’t armed the premises. Our Intruder Alarms are recognised by the police, Insurance approved and being fitted by our fully experienced engineers, you can be sure you will be taking fantastic security measures. No matter the location, or building type, offices, or even sites, we can fully alarm your premises giving you full control. Alongside our comprehensive Alarms we can offer you a ‘Monitoring Service’, giving you around the clock confidence.Our Monitoring station will keep a watch full eye on your alarm, in the event of unwanted Intruders, they will then alert the suitable services and yourself. This is a great service if you are not always around or the premises is often left unattended.

Under ALL circumstances, Kent Fire and Security will fully arm you with a bespoke Intruder Alarm System and you will always be aware of any unwanted intruders.

Call us now to discuss your reliable Intruder Alarm Installation.

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